Boulder Diagnostics Inc. is dedicated to bringing new diagnostic tests to market for diseases that are not reliably diagnosed today. We work with leading academic institutions and innovative companies to identify scientific breakthroughs that can deliver new, reliable diagnostic tests where today’s standard methods fail.

Lyme Disease Diagnosis

The SpiroFind® test for Lyme Borreliosis provides a new tool for detecting early and long-term Borrelia infections that cause Lyme disease and are often misdiagnosed by today’s standard methods.

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Gout Diagnosis


The GoutiFind™ test for Gout can detect active disease from a blood sample. It provides a reliable and non-invasive diagnosis and can distinguish Gout from other rheumatic or arthritic diseases.

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Companion Diagnostics

Companion Disease

Through our Stratokine™ subsidiary, we offer companion diagnostic services to individually match patients with immune modulating therapeutics.

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Veterinary Lyme Disease Diagnosis

Lyma Diseases

The SpiroFind®Vet test detects active Lyme disease in dogs and horses. Swollen joints, laming, fever and arthritic and neurologic symptoms can be caused by the tick-transmitted Lyme disease, which is often misdiagnosed by today’s standard methods.

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Parasite Detection

ParaFlor®  reagents quickly and reliably detect enteric parasite infections.

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Metabolic Imbalance Detection

MetaboVis™ rapid tests bring the measurement of critical risk factors to the patient in a rapid and reliable format.

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Recent News at Boulder Diagnostics

Our SpiroFind Lyme Disease Diagnostic Test is Now Available in Europe!

November 9, 2012

  PRESS RELEASE Boulder, Colorado and Mellrichstadt, Germany November 9th, 2012   Boulder Diagnostics Announces the European Market Launch of its SpiroFind™ Lyme Disease Diagnostic Test   Boulder Diagnostics Inc. announced today the European market launch of the CE marked SpiroFind in vitro diagnostic test for the detection of active Lyme Borreliosis.  The SpiroFind test […]

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Boulder Diagnostics licenses novel rapid detection technology for homocysteine and related compounds from Portland Sate University

October 6, 2012

Boulder Diagnostics Inc. and Portland Sate University (PSU) announced today the entry into a license and collaboration agreement to develop rapid diagnostic tests for homocysteine and related compounds based on a highly specific dye technology developed at PSU. Under the agreement Boulder will finance further research at the Department of Chemistry, and PSU will be entitled to royalties on future sales of the licensed technology. Further details were not disclosed.

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